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Improve airport ASQ ranking using a baggage tracking system

November 24, 2021

Airport Service Quality (ASQ) is the most important indicator for airport ranking worldwide. Customer experience and satisfaction arise from various services proposed by airlines and airports to enhance the added value of their flight experience. To that extent, baggage tracking is an essential information for air travelers.

Oracle addressed this concern and designed an ergonomic omnichannel application which includes a mobile app, a digital assistant, a web administration console, and which allows integration via WhatsApp or other communication channels. This immersive application provides travelers with a soothing experience including information about the location of their luggage. The solution brings a sense of immediateness and delivers quality information regardless of the geographical position of passengers.

To meet the technical and technological challenges of this application, the mission was entrusted to the Oracle NoSQL team to make the most of the low latency, geodistribution and flexible organization of data offered by the Oracle Cloud NoSQL database. Eco-design constraints and strong sustainable IT positioning at the 3P level (People, Planet, Profit) were carried out by the low-tech Aeonics solution.

Oracle NoSQL

The Oracle technology is historically acknowledged for its excellent SQL database system. Today Oracle is also active in all cloud technologies and provides a NoSQL database engine with impressive characteristics.

NoSQL technology allows to work with data in a much more flexible way and provides grounds for a clear mindset in order to deliver apps very quickly. The success of the Oracle NoSQL solution is mainly due to its ease of use and its almost instantaneous response time.

A real-life sized app

In the highly competitive air transport sector, major players are under pressure from consumers who desire full transparency and accessibility to their data in real time. Airlines are scrambling to meet these expectations. Reliably tracking luggage and pushing this information at consumer mobile applications’ is still a challenge nowadays. Airport Customer Experience and Airport Service Quality are major key indicators that contribute to the international ranking of airports.

The Oracle NoSQL team demonstrated that it was possible to create a geo-distributed and globally accessible application to inform tens of thousands of passengers and manage the location and status of their baggage in real time.

Application Baggage Oracle

This application consists of three essential functional elements:

  1. An Oracle Cloud NoSQL database to store and replicate data worldwide
  2. A redundant application server to work with this data
  3. A web and mobile graphical interface to present information in a use-friendly way

A complex architecture

Despite the astounding speed (millisecond magnitude) of the Oracle NoSQL engine to carry out searches in a vast volume of data, the implementation and the complexity of the application logic in charge of developers remains an issue that denotes with the ease of use and deployment of the database from Oracle Cloud.

The Aeonics solution provides a pragmatic complementary response to Oracle NoSQL to deliver robust and efficient applications in record time. Thanks to a business-oriented approach and cutting-edge technology, developers can focus on the added value and purpose of their project using a dedicated Aeonics Faas system.


Aeonics onboards with Oracle

In direct contact with Dave Rubin from San Francisco and Dario Vega in Paris, the Aeonics team embraced the challenge of deploying a new generation IT architecture from scratch, and integrating the existing server pool in a completely transparent way:

8:29 AM
The Aeonics team is notified of the application needs.
Bonjour Simon, Thanks for your time and your interest. Very glad to collaborate with you again. You can go to this URL and explore the API documentation.
11:26 AM
Based on the documentation provided, the REST methods are implemented.
Hello Dario, Dave, I have implemented the 9 methods listed for this demo.
12:15 PM
The service is deployed in the cloud to validate the compatibility with existing applications.
Hello Dario, I have deployed the solution on a tiny VPS.
8:55 PM
The Aeonics system is seamlessly injected among other existing servers without any downtime.
Thanks a lot, For your information, all UI in test (tutorial environment) hosted in Europe (Frankfurt) are working using Aeonics now.
After a dozen days of uninterrupted usage, web components are also deployed on Aeonics to spare yet another web server.
Hi Dave, For your information, we've deployed all the tiers of the application using the Aeonics Framework (Front-End and Backend). Dario.

The perfect match

The Oracle NoSQL database grants you the power to manage large amounts of data with a response time of a few milliseconds. The Oracle Cloud ready-to-use tables can be accessed in less than a minute without any form of provisioning or configuration.

With Aeonics, you can implement business logic in record time and deploy the system to Oracle Cloud in less than five minutes without any third-party dependencies. With a minimal footprint of almost a tenth of a millisecond, you benefit from optimal response times. Cherry on top, you can inline your IT infrastructure with regards to the CSR policy of your company.